Kim Kardishian and Paris Hilton, Real BFF

Hotel heiress Paris Hilton and daughter of famous lawyer Kim Kardishian are truly best friends forever. They represent the saying “birds of the same feathers, flock together” to the tee. They are both rich in their own right, both are very fashionable and sexy, they also like to party all night and lastly and more noticeable of all similarities are their involvement in their own sex videotapes. Is it a coincidence or is it done on purpose? Is it just a way to make themselves become more popular, or shall I say notorious? With people like them, there is really no telling. Good or bad publicity will do well for them without a care in the world.

The tape mentioned that contains Kim Kardishian’s sexual prowess was done with famous R & B singer and record producer Ray J, who was Kim’s boyfriend at the time. Some of those who have seen it believed that this was done intentionally. Ray J, who was already known at the time and Kim, both had their popularity catapult at the time the tape surfaced. Not only was it bought for 1 million dollars by Vivid Entertainment from a supposed ‘unknown” source, Kim also made 5 million dollars from it when she settled the case she filed against Vivid for the release of the tape. Because of this they had people wondering if the tape was just accidentally leaked or that they staged the whole thing for fame and money.

Whatever they had in mind when they did it, they succeeded in getting that additional popularity and thereby, more money from more projects and assignments. Both now have their own reality shows that they are starring in. A sex tape must really be a good stepping-stone for wannabes and superstars alike to reach the stardom they are after.

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  1. my all time favorite celebrity is Kim Kardashian. I really love her style and her ass is more huge than jennifer lopez!

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